Scottish Love in Action

Scottish Love In Action SLA is a charity based in scotland that cares for over 500 destitute children in the East Godivari District of the State of Andhra Pradesh, South-East India. They do this by funding a home and school in Tuni. The project is run by the grassroots, non-governmental organisation (NGO) partner. The children’s ages range from infants to eighteen years old. SLA’s aim is to help children to break out of the cycle of poverty, SLA funds care for children who are taken into the Light of Love Home on the basis of need, irrespective of caste, religion, or any other consideration. Their goal is to give each of these children an education so that they have the necessary tools to achieve thier full potential and to escape the poverty trap and can have a choice in the future they build for themselves. Before coming to the home all of the children were destitute, and living below the poverty line. All also were disadvantaged in other ways. many of the children at the home have suffered terrible tragedies in thier young lives. Most of the children have lost one parent and some have lost both. Some of the children at the homes have a physical disability or a parent with a disability or AIDS. Some are Dalit’s, formally known as ‘untouchables’, historicallyostracised and oppressed by mainstream indian society.